Solidarity Walk

What Can I Bring to the Solidarity Walk?

Strollers are welcome. pets are welcome according to city bylaws.  Please contact us with any mobility limitations that may require assistance.

I’m an Ally.  Can I still attend? 

Absolutely!  We value our allies in the community!  Please come walk with us!

I understand no uniforms are allowed.  Why is that?

Our goal is to have everyone be on equal footing on the walk.  This means no corporate banners, no business logos, no political affiliation, and no uniforms.  Please be sure you are not presenting any corporate or political affiliations on your clothing or signage.  If you are a vendor and will be wearing corporate signage, please bring an extra shirt.

Will there be law enforcement at the event?

Yes, law enforcement will be present at this event in a professional capacity.  We are working closely with the City of Airdrie, Airdrie Fire Department, Municipal Enforcement, and the RCMP to ensure that this event is safe and welcoming.

What if it’s raining?

Events will run Rain or Shine.  After all, rain makes rainbows!

How far is the distance of the walk?  Can my kids handle it?

The distance is approximately one kilometre.  We will be setting a leisurely pace down Main Street, so this walk is appropriate for children.  Please contact us with any mobility issues that may require assistance at airdriepridesociety@gmail.com.

Pride in the Park

Where can I park my vehicle?

Your best bet is to legally use the side streets along Main street, the City Hall back parking lot, and the Tower Lane Mall. Note that the mall and city hall are 1km from the park. The Nose Creek Park parking is reserved for vendors with booths and the Food Trucks. Please Do Not park at St. Paul’s Catholic Church, we’ve spoken with the church and they have asked that we not use their lot.

What does my vendor registration entitle me to?

Each registration ticket entitles you to a standard 10 ft. x 10 ft. outdoor space.  There will be NO power, tents, tables or chairs provided. All vendors and community groups must provide their own tents, tables, chairs, signage and table cover.

Is there a theme for this year?

YES!  Our theme is PUTTING DOWN ROOTS.  We want to watch our community grow!

I signed up for an booth.  Now what? 

Watch your inbox!  We will be sending a vendor information package once registration closes on Jun 7th!  This will have everything you need, from where to park, to how to find your 10×10 area, to park layout!

What if it rains? 

Pride in the Park 2019 is an outdoor, “rain or shine” event; plan for all types of weather conditions. No refunds will be made for cancellations due to the weather.

Don’t see your question here? Email us at airdriepridesociety@gmail.com